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Oravice - water sports, swiming

The biggest seduction in Oravice is thermal water with temperature of 58°C springing from the depth of 1611 m. Oravice is the only place with natural thermal water.
Water fun resort with thermal water provides 2 swiming pools with thermal water 35 - 38°C warm, whirling currents, style restaurant, bar with view to West Tatras-Roháče. Basins are year-round! You can find cloakrooms, restaurants, snack-bars, coffee-bars, garden-bars, big sport-relax swiming pool and two relax pools, massage room and much more in this place. Swiming pools are equipped with many attractions like imitation waves, bead seats, bead desks, geyser, water mushrooms, massage sprays etc.
Meander Park thermal
Big swiming pool (512 m2) is divided to inner and outer part. The water temperature is 36° C.
Smaller swiming pool (80 m2) is suited for relax. It is also divided to inner and outer part and the water is 38° C warm.
Meander Park s.r.o., M.R.Štefánika 1821, 026 01 Dolný Kubín
Tel./fax: 043/ 586 47 55
E-mail: meander@meanderpark.com
Web: www.meanderpark.com
Orava dam
Orava dam is the biggest resort in the upper Orava. Orava dam covers the most known places like Slanic settlement and provides the possibilities for water sports development e.g. water cycling, boating, diving under water, water skiing, windsurfing, jachting and others. The pleasant event can be the trip on excursion ship to Slanica island where the rest of flooded village is - Slanica.
Orava dam
ICN,a.s., Nábrežie 1038, 029 01 Námestovo
Tel./fax: 043/552 37 77
E-mail: icn@orava.sk
Web: www.orava.sk