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Orava is located in the north part of Slovakia surrounded by Poland and mountain chains of West Tatras, Choč mountains, Small and Big Fatra. There is many historical, natural and cultural sights in this scenic place.
Orava castlek
Above the village Oravský Podzámok the Orava castle rises. It was founded on very importatnt strategic place on Ugrian-Poland trip near the custom-house in Tvrdošín and since 1370 was the county castle as well. Buildings complex consisting of upper, middle and lower castles was created step by step since the middle of 13th century to beginning of 17th century.
Orava castle
Orava open-air museum
Museum of Orava village is located in the beautyful scene between Zuberec and Zverovka. About 50 buildings of folk architecture from the various villages is groupped in several parts reminding of particular parts of Orava. Open-air museum was started to build in 1967 and since 1975 is opened for public.
Museum of Orava village
Contact :
Museum of Orava village 850, 02732 Zuberec
Tel.: 0904/444 084
E-mail: mod.@zoznam.sk
Woodsman house
Orava is birth-place of big slovakian writer Pavol Ország Hviezdoslav (born in 1849 in Vyšný Kubín). The very known reminiscence for him is Hviezdoslav woodsman house on Slaná Voda (near the village of Oravská Polhora) or poet's museum in Dolný Kubín.
Hviezdoslav woodsman house
Zverovka cottage
The most important tours to West Tatras, Roháče are starting near the Zverovka cottage.
Zverovka cottage is located near the ski lifts and tours where you can find the excellent conditions for skiing from November to April.
In Zverovka cottage you can choose the room - from two- to seven-beds rooms. You can get the accomodation in rustic houses which are the best option for four- and five-members groups. The facility of rustic house consists of beds, toilet, wash-basin and electric heating. The breakfast is served in central cottage hall where the showers are available as well.
Zverovka cottage
043/ 539 53 27
043/ 539 51 06
0905/ 973 201
Canteen on Ťatliak lake
Canteen on Ťatliak lake belongs to the external workstations of Zverovka cottage and offers the highest located refreshment in the West-Tatras, Roháče from Orava side. Canteen on Ťatliak lake is located on the altitude of 1373 a.s.l.
It is situated at the end of Roháč walley on the foot of Ostrý Roháč peak, Plačlivé and Volovec. The crossroads of tourist footpaths is here. You can choose the simple footpath to Roháče tarns and waterfall or you can take the more difficult waz to Rákoň, Volovec, Ostrý Roháč, Plačlivé .
Canteen on Ťatliak lake
Roháče tarns
National nature reservation at large of 452ha. It is simple accessbile bz the tourist footpath from former Ťatliak cottage. Roháče tarns is set of 4 tarns at the end of Roháče walley under Ostrým Roháč peak, Plačlivé and Kopy (Tri kopy, Hrubá kopa).
Roháče tarns
 Roháče tarns  Roháče tarns
Juráň walley
Turist road to Juráň walley starts in holiday center Oravice towards to Tichá walley, continues through Juráň walley and Bobrovec walley back to Oravice. The beautyful gaps in Juráň walley, wild stream flowing through stone gullets keeps the great feeling in everybody's heart. The trip length is 12 km, taking 4 hours.

Not less interest road is the footpath to Grey peek from what you can continue to the south side of West Tatras. Wild gaps can be found in Kvačiany walley or Prosiek walley too and these trips are the most beautyful in West Tatras.

Tourist trips around the Orava
 Baníkov saddleback  Ostrý Roháč  Grey peak  Juráň walley  Prosiek and Kvačany walley